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Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)

Individual Development Account (IDA) programs help low-income families save money for things like education, career training, starting a business, or buying a home. For every dollar a person puts into an IDA, the program will also add a dollar (often more). Before you can receive this matching amount, you have to agree to the rules of the program, such as making regular contributions to the account or taking free classes on how to manage money.

Am I eligible?
Each IDA program has slightly different requirements and rules but, in general, eligibility depends upon things like:
  • Your income level
  • The value of things you own like a car, a home, or other savings accounts
  • Your credit history
  • Your commitment to follow the program’s rules
How do I apply?
There are hundreds of IDA programs throughout the U.S. Find out who offers programs near you and contact them to learn how to apply.
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