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Choosing ABE, ESL, or GED Classes


Here are some things to think about when looking for programs to help you learn to read, speak English, or get a GED.


Many programs are free. If there are fees involved with the program you want, make sure you compare that program with other programs. You may be able to get the same education for free.


Can you get to this program easily and quickly? If not, you might want to find something closer.


Make sure the classes you need fit into your schedule.


Does the school offer support services like child care? If not, ask for referrals to places with those services.


Are your needs being met? For example, some schools only have beginner classes. That won't help you if you need more advanced classes. Will the school help you determine what level class you need?


How big are the classes? If classes are small, you'll probably learn more because you'll have more time with the teacher. Do the teachers have experience teaching adults? Do students enjoy the classes and feel like they're learning? Talk to students, teachers, and others who work at the school to find out.

Moving Forward

When you're finished taking ABE, ESL, or GED classes, will the school help you get into more advanced classes?

Improving your reading skills, learning English, and getting a GED will definitely help you get a better job. Taking ABE, ESL, or GED classes are positive first steps. You'll probably need to get even more education after doing these things.

For more information, you can call the GED hotline at 1-800-626-9433 or ask the GED contact for your state.

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Majority of the educational institutions provide such information’s in printed format to the student so that may not face any complications and they can be accessed on any computer.


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